Saturday, April 22, 2017

Eat A Colorful Plate

Eat A Colorful Plate

We are a product of what we eat.  Far too often we lack balance. Not enough protein, too much sugar, not enough fruits and veggies and the nutrient gaps widen quickly. 

Homework:  Next time you sit down to eat, Just look down at your plate of food. What color do you see?  

Many times, all you'll see is one color. Usually brown, white or a very bland color. Not good, Right?

Quick Tip:  Eat A Colorful Plate. What I mean by that is pick a balanced assortment of fruits, veggies, lean proteins , fats and carbohydrates to put on your plate to eat. Especially pick dark green, leafy veggies, red, purple, orange, yellow and not just white and brown. 

It's Simple, but Not Easy!  But I know you can do it!!!  

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