Friday, April 21, 2017

A Visual Reminder

A Visual Reminder

See the complications caused by being overweight and obese?  This is a visual reminder that our health is important. 

“This image shows a 250 lb woman on the left and a 120 lb woman on the right. We can see weight gain from the outside, but we usually can’t see what it’s doing on the inside. Look at the fat surrounding the organs in the woman on the left. Do you also see the fat around her heart and around her brain? A little scary, isn’t it? Look at the compression around the stomach and internal organs. Do you think that would have any impact on GERD and indigestion? Look at the compressed knee joints. Do you think those joints ache a little more than they should?”

WOW!!  That’s eye opening!  People every day are dying from diseases caused or worsened by poor choices and obesity.  Is that cheeseburger, chocolate cake, French fries, etc...worth it?

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