Friday, March 31, 2017

Surf's Up Promo Ends


I only have a few $40 Position Packs left of the most powerful and complete weight-management system in the wellness industry. 

Who wants them? Who's ready for real results? Limited supply. First come, first serve. 

1. SuperMix - moringa nutrition 

2. Dutch Chocolate Plant Protein - world's first complete protein 

3. XMburn (caps) - thermogenic 

4. XM3 (caps) - Zija's hottest product 🔥🔥

5. Premium Tea - detox/cleanse

Not to mention...

- 25% discount on full bottle of XM3

- Immediate enrollment with Wholesale Membership Fee waived 

- Personalized replicated website and Member Back Office

*100 value!

My clients, family and  friends that have tried these so far have had great results and liked the "try before you buy". 

Get with me and I'll get you a promo code. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!!

Private message me for your personal code.  I'll get you all set up.

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