Friday, September 30, 2016

All In - You Have To Believe

I've lost 30lbs and dropped from 24% body fat to 8% since I join Zija a year and a half ago. And kept it off. 

I'm a High School Strength Coach/PE Teacher and I own my own gym(MVP). 

I don't have time for Nonsense!!!

You can make excuses or choices  

I am making a PLEDGE to HELP anyone that wants to drop 10-15 Pounds in the next 30 Days! 💪🏻👙

If anyone that wants to join me - You are welcome!!   
We will do it together!!  👫👭👬


>Cut out all fried foods 🍕🍤🍟
>ZIJA weight management system 🌿
>New XM3 Miracle Capsule 💊
> Replacing one meal a day w/our new shake (Plant based) 
>Workout at least 45 min 4 x a week 🚴🏋⛹ at MVP Performance Training or wherever you live. 

Text me if your in and I will create a group text to hold each other accountable - If you need to order the products - I will assist you 💯💯

Sit back and watch or Join!!! 👍👍

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