Friday, June 3, 2016

I Know

One of the worst lines I hear daily is, I know.

* I know how to do that.
* I know how to workout.
* I know how to eat right and lose weight.
* I know, I know, I know,.

Yet, No progress is made.  The term, I Know, turns into I Wish.  And I Wish , turns into Never.

When you get sick you go to the doctor.   When your car breaks down you take it to the mechanic.  And when your tooth hurts you go to the Dentist.  Get my point?!?

If The fact that you know everything is holding you back from attaining your goals, ask an expert to help you map out a plan and coach you through it. We don't ever plan to fail, we just feel the plan.  

Turn your I Wish and Never into Right Now.

MVP Performance Training

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