Thursday, May 19, 2016

Food isn't Fuel, its a Language

"Food isn't Fuel, it's a Language."  "Our lifestyles teach our genes how to behave."  Your health and weight issues didn't pop up overnight, but you have the power to change it today.  Here is a great article from the American Council on Exercise, written by Jonathan Ross, on Epigenetics.

Stop making excuses!  It's too hard, it's too expensive, I can't do it, this is just how I am.

You can take your own life back and it will impact your generations to come.

3 Steps
1.  Exercise vigorously for an hour daily.
2.  Fill in the gaps where your nutrition is deficient with Zija's Core Nutritionals.  Message me I'll share more.
3.  Cleanse and enhance your environment with Ameo Essential Oils (aromatically, externally and internally).

Today is your day!  Tomorrow Never Comes!!!

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