Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why People Fail

Why do people fail when it comes to weight loss? Or anything for that matter. Because they don't stick with the plan. They keep jumping back-and-forth from one thing to the next with no consistency.

If you're overweight or storing a lot of excess body fat, it didn't happen overnight. It builds up over weeks, months and most likely years of poor eating habits, lack of exercise, life stress and probably a lot of other things.

There's 4 simple steps that you need to follow to make your weight loss and fat loss sustainable.  Quick fixes don't work. You need to have a systematic plan in place.

1.  Quality Nutrition
2.  Suppression
3.  Detoxify
4.  Daily Exercise 

Quality Nutrition
The way that I look at it, we are overfed, under nourished and overmedicated. The food quality that we eat is so poor that we have to eat more food in order to get the nutrients that we need.  Now that the body is under nourished, we go into a downward spiral and feel bad. So what do we do? We eat and the cycle continues.  At some point because were so under nourished, illnesses arise. So what do we do? We take some form of over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medication to make us feel better. Once again, the cycle continues.  

In order for us to break this cycle we need to look at consuming the most nutrient dense and quality options available. By doing this, we will eat less feel better and not get sick.

As I mentioned above, we eat too much.  And this happens because our food quality is so poor that in order to get the nutrients that we need the volume of food has to be higher.  

We have to plan ahead and eat sensibly, with clean quality food. We also need to fill in the gap's where we are deficient in order to suppress the over eating.  Eat real food, it is a necessity. 

By using Zija International's Weight Management System, there is a systematic plan in-place to nourish the body thoroughly,to suppress appetite when it is heightened the most and to assist in expelling toxins from the body. It also nourishes and fuels the body with quality nutrition.  

As you already know we live in environment of toxins. The things we touch, the things we breathe, and the things that we eat. One of the biggest reasons that people get sick are these toxins and sits in our body.  The body works to get rid of these toxins, but many times it is so overwhelmed but it just can't do it.  It is essential that you nourish and properly Hydrate the body so that it can function properly.

Daily Exercise
It is important to get up and move every day. Whether it's walking, jogging, swimming or training at MVP Performance Training, you just have to make it consistent.

We all only have 168 hours in the week. If we work out five days a week for one hour, that leaves us with 163 hours in the week. Without a plan in place we are doomed to fail because of all the time left. Following a simple plan will ensure your success.

If you need assistance starting your journey, enroll today and one of our training programs.

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