Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Love My Fit Fam

I love my Fit Fam!!!

There's no real other way to say it other than I love my fit family.  There's just something about being part of a community when you know that other people are there for you. One of the main building blocks of MVP is family. I truly believe that if you have that structure in place and have something to fall back on it's easy to get back on track.

As folks rolled in to our 5:30 AM training session this morning, you can imagine what it's like to crank things up at o'dark 30.  To get a little motivation I told the crew, "I'll workout with you".

It's a two-way street. I'm obviously there to motivate my clients, but sometimes they're there to motivate me as well. It was a fantastic workout.

I Love My Fit Fam!!!

If you need a little motivation and are interested in training at MVP, get a hold of me today.  971-241-7182 or

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