Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Plan

Make December a month to remember.  Tomorrow never comes if you don't take the first step today.  2015 has been my "Midlife Revelation" for me, since I became involved with Zija 10 months ago.  I don't diet.  They never work.   Next time you run into me ask me my story.

Dr. Joshua Plant from the School of Natural Health and Wellness wrote a great post about Natural Weight Management on his Facebook Page recently. 

Do it right, Do it quickly, Do it healthy.

This is a question I get asked a lot, and wanted to write up a little protocol to help people reach a healthy weight. It is never too early to begin your New Year's Resolution!!!
The system is simple and is focused around the three areas of weight loss.
1- Nutrition
2- Suppression
3- Detoxification

Consume a lot of nutrition, without excess calories. I recommend very nutritious botanicals such as Moringa oleifera.

Eat a breakfast of about 600 calories or less with 30-45g of protein.
Consume herbs or natural compounds that help you battle hunger throughout the day, such as Green Tea, Moringinge, or Bitter Orange.
Give yourself digestive support through essential oils and other natural products.

In lieu of lunch consume a protein rich shake that is enriched in natural nutrition.
As needed drink herbal tea to help suppress appetite throughout the day.

Eat a dinner of about 1,200 calories with 60+ grams of protein and less than 50g of carbs.
Give yourself digestive support through essential oils and other natural products.
Detox about twice a week in the evening using natural herbs such as senna and orange peels.

AVOID SODA, JUICES, AND SPORTS DRINKS - Use natural hydrating drinks such as water (flavored with essential oils), or low sugar naturally sweetened and colored flavored drinks.

This protocol accompanied with an active lifestyle will help you become a New You.  Begin today!!! I have always found the new year resolutions that are kept are the ones that begin before the new year.

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