Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It Really Is Simple

Great conversations last night about Zija's Nutritionals, personal progress, goals and behavioral change. 

The new year is fast approaching and everyone looks for a clean slate, but Why not today?

I've written before about behavioral change or changes in life habits. One of the biggest reasons that New Year's resolutions fail or goals for that matter is because people try to change too many things at one time.

One study showed that if you tried to change one behavior at a time you had more than a 80 percent chance of changing that into a life habit. Compared to, if you tried to change 2, three or more habits this statistic dropped significantly to less than a 10% chance of changing it into a life habit.

There's no wonder people get discouraged and then fail at accomplishing their goals because they're just overwhelmed with all the changes they're trying to make at one time.

Nutrition is no different. People know that they need to eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, have less stress, but doing it all at one time is completely overwhelming when they haven't done it in a long time or have never done it before.

When I share Zija's Core nutritionals with folks it can get overwhelming as well. The one behavior I teach folks to do first is drink their SuperMix.  Zija's SuperMix is loaded Moringa Oleifera(over 90 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients).  This establishes our first behavior. Then we can add other pieces as we go to round out the process.

It really is simple, but it's not easy!

If you want to know more about our discussion from last night, give me a call at MVP Performance Training.

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