Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Zija Success

Everyone want to know if making Zija a part of their life actually works.  Here are some updates from my family, friends and clients that have been pursuing better health and using Zija Nutritionals, Ameo Essential Oils and the RipStix Fitness Products.  

• Down 17.8lbs and 5.8% BF in 3 months

• So I put on a pair of jeans today that were tight in the spring 2015. I can now take them off without even up buttoning or un zipping them.

• I've lost 20lbs and 14% body fat

• feeling less... much less pain in neck and lower back, and my energy level is up.

• Another mom commented on my legs. She pointed out how muscular they are.  It was a really nice compliment and my hard work is paying off. 

• Down about 8 pounds and running 3 miles per day. 

• I Have felt better and I am pretty sure that the typical swelling in my feet has gone down!

• 12% Body Fat.  Down from 17% in last check.

Awesome isn't it.  

No one thing or supplement is going to do it for you, heal or fix you.  You have to make a commitment to change.

People will quit on themselves before they quit on their Team.  Call me 971-241-7182 and join my team today.  

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