Sunday, April 19, 2015


Training is only one piece to the puzzle.  You have to dial in your training, recovery, nutrition, sleep and fill in the gaps.  There's no quick fix.  You have to have a plan and work that plan.  I've written about My Journey and what I've done lately to dial in my fitness and nutrition.  Click the Image to get started today!   

Train At MVP
Your daily schedule is crazy busy.  Believe me, I know.  That’s why we are offering MVP Online, MVP Performance Training’s Distance Training and Coaching Program.  If you are looking for accountability in and out of the gym, MVP Online is for you.  There are only 168 hours in each week and many times getting to MVP isn’t possible.  Take your workout and training with you.  Whether you live in McMinnvile or thousands of miles away, We’ll design your program and give you the accountability you need to meet your performance and fitness goals. Click the Image to get started today!

MVP Online


There are many workout nutrition options out there and you have to make sure they are reputable and have a quality track record.  I’d even make sure they were pharmaceutical grade, like Zija Products.   As I’ve mentioned, I use RipStix Supplements for my workout nutrition to fill in the gaps between my normal meals.

RipStix Supplements

As we all know, making the life changing decision to get healthy and fit has many variables.  Let us assist you in attaining your performance and fitness goals.   

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