Monday, March 30, 2015

My Numbers with SuperMix
At the end of December, I had a routine physical and my blood checked.  Although I was healthy, some of my numbers were a little high.  This started My Journey.  Looking back on my records, when I had my physical in December, I actually weighed 210lbs.  Over the next couple of months I ate better and less, I exercised daily(sometimes 2 or 3 times a day), and supplemented with Zija and RipStix Products.  I recently had my blood work retested.  ALL of my numbers improved and today I weigh 193lbs and 16% body fat.  
  • Average Triglyceride range should be 30-200 mg/dL.  My initial test was 103 mg/dL, my retest was 82 mg/dL. 
  • Average Cholesterol/HDL should be 4.0-5.0.  My initial test was 3.9, my retest was 2.9.
  • Average Cholesterol in LDL 0-129 mg/dL.  My initial test was 164 mg/dL, my retest was 98 mg/dL.
  • Average Cholesterol in HDL should be 35-60 mg/dL.  My initial test was 63 mg/dL, my retest was 61 mg/dL.
  • Average Cholesterol should be 159-200 mg/dL.  My initial test was 248 mg/dL, my retest was 175 mg/dL.
I still have work to do and plan to do it.  In my morning routine, along with my coffee, I take Zija SuperMix.  The mixture with Moringa Oleifera (Check Out This Discovery Channel Documentary) undoubtedly works.  I'm not a Math Guy, but it's pretty evident that it had an positive affect.

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