Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MVP Speed Camps

Speed is a bi-product of force production.  If you learn to produced more force into the ground, you'll run faster and jump higher.  MVP Performance Training will be running Speed and Agility Training sessions at the McMinnville Community Center.  Athletes from all sports and ages are welcome. As the popularity of sport is on the rise, sports has become more competitive.  Speed and agility are important qualities for all athletes to possess. MVP Performance Training’s experienced instructors will help you identify problems in your running form that are preventing you from reaching your top potential running speed, with a focus on footwork, balance, and explosive drills.  Improvements made in these areas will result in improved performance in your particular sport.

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your speed, and learn the skills needed to become a better athlete! Our camps focus on a variety of training techniques that are used to enhance quickness, improve balance and agility, develop speed, and build confidence. Athletes from all sports will benefit from our training, so register now! 

Where: McMinnville Community Center
600 NE Evans Street
McMinnville, OR 97128
Phone: 503-434-7315

Cost: $20 Drop In
$60 for 4 sessions/month

Days:   Wednesday and  Friday

Time:    3:30-4:15     3rd – 12th Grade 

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  1. For those of us that play sports, we know how important speed is. You wouldn't want to be left in someone dust while playing basketball, or not be able to catch up to the guy about to score a touchdown. Having the proper training, can help you increase your overall speed and agility. I would suggest seeking out a professional trainer for that.