Tuesday, October 14, 2014

8, 6, 4

I was listening to some colleagues the other day talk logistics.  One colleague said to the other we need to think outside the box.  I've always had a little question with this statement because, what if were not very good at doing what's in the box?

Take basic strength for example.  

Many times when programming exercises people want the flashy,  exciting exercises and set-rep schemes.  The problem with this is that they can't even do the basic things right.  Lately, I've been using a play on the Wendler's 5,3,1 Protocol, but instead I've been using 8,6,4.  Week one is all 8's.  Week two is all 6's and week three the sets go 8,6,4.  One twist that I've used is, in week four instead of the deloading, I just have folks cycle back through another three week cycle.

This program has worked extremely well, giving many individuals a basic strength foundation to work off of and many times I will just stick with this set-rep scheme.

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