Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5K the Healthy Way.

It's that time of year again and you can't drive a block without seeing someone pounding the pavement.  Although many think running is the healthy thing to do, all too often the Average Joe is so decondition and ill equipped to perform such a task.  I don't recommend you use running to get into shape, until you have a solid foundation of strength.  Try getting into shape to run.  One of the biggest problems with runners is they don't have a solid strength foundation to run on.  It's only a matter of time before injuries pop up.  Injuries usually occur due to over training(too many miles/week), poor mechanics or a combination of both. I wouldn't recommend anyone starting a running program until 12-16 weeks of strength training was completed.

With all of our training programs that MVP Performance Training, Less is More.  You have to have the specific skill or movement pattern down before you load it or Overloaded it.  Here is a simple plan, that has been successful in the past, to train for your 5K the Healthy way, the MVP Way.

Many runners will look at this program and say there's not enough miles.  But that's the exact point.  You have to have adequate Rest and Recovery.  "Rest is where the magic happens".  Plus, exercise should Feel Good.  It should be fun. 

Strength Training Schedule
     -3 Strength Training Days/Week
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 
At MVP performance training we offer group and personal strength training sessions six days a week that you could fit into your schedule.  Click Here for times.

Run Training Schedule
Monday-"On Mile" Day
     -3 Miles
     -Keep track of your times
          *Specific Training % would be implemented.


Wednesday-"Over Mile" Day
     -5 Miles
     -Don't Over Train!!!
     *Over Mile days would be implemented later in the training cycle.


Friday-Interval Day
     * Warm Up Run 1 mile Max
     -Week 1:  100 Strides 8x Rest to full Recovery
          * 1-4 Easy
          * 5-8 Firm
     -Week 2:  200's 4-6x Firm ~ Rest to Full Recovery
     -Week 3:   200's 8x Firm ~ Rest Active to Full Recovery
     -Week 4:  400's 4-8x Firm ~ Rest Active to Full Recovery 
          *Heart Rate should also be monitored to determine intensity. 
          *More specifics available.

Saturday: Rest ~ Optional Strength Training 

Sunday: Rest

If you want to run, enjoy running and feel great when you are finished, Try this program.
You won't be disappointed.  You'll feel great, stay healthy and enjoy every minute of your training.

If you need assistance getting dialed into your workout, give us a call here at MVP Performance Training 971-241-7182 or click the link to set up a FREE Consultation.

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