Monday, April 21, 2014

Train With A Purpose

Muscles are strongest at their mid ranges of motion.  Think of it like Velcro.  When it's fully overlapped it's very hard to pull apart(strong), but when it's overlapped only at the ends it's very easy to pull apart(weak).   If you do not have the strength or motor control at the end ranges of motion that's when injuries occur.  We need to train it.

You need to train Hard, but train Smart.  Rather than someone spraining a ligament or tearing a meniscus doing high volume jump rope or doing plyometrics, landing with poor mechanics(landing straight legged, etc).  Or leg pressing large amounts of weight and straining at the bottom.  Tough?  Strong? No, he tore his meniscus too. Another example of, More is not better.  

You need to know what your training for.  Coming out of your workout, you should be ready to take on the world, not feeling like you got crushed by it.

Hard workouts are good, but you need to train with a purpose.  That's why we believe what we believe at MVP Performance Training.  

Do No Harm(Put safety, health and well-being 1st)
Move Well
Get Strong

 If you're ready to get dialed into your workout, give us a call here at MVP Performance Training 971-241-7182 or click the link to set up a FREE Consultation.

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