Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Slow vs Fast

You do fast what you do slow.  However, speed will mask the inefficiencies that you have in the movement.  Take the Turkish Get Up for example.  Doing the TGU unloaded and moving at a faster pace will hide any inefficiencies you have in the movement.  Now load it with a heavy kettlebell and see what happens.

Many other exercises are the same way.  Slow the exercise down, focus on technique and keeping the intensity at a medium to moderate range.  Practice, Perfect Technique!

Currently in our group strength training sessions at MVP Performance Training, Our reps are higher(in the 10 rep range) and there is a deliberate focus on form and technique.

Everyone wants to go heavier and move faster, but never at the expense of your form and technique.

If you're ready to get dialed into your workout, give us a call here at MVP Performance Training 971-241-7182 or click the link to set up a FREE Consultation.

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