Thursday, April 17, 2014

Personal Training

Everyone needs a jump start at one time of another.  Remember that time when you told yourself, "Today is the Day".  So, you laced up your running shoes and hit the pavement.  About 5 minutes in, your side started to ache and you got this sharp pain in your shoulder and lower back.  Remember that time?  You kept telling your self to "Keep Running".  "Don't Quit".  "I can make it".  "Oh shit, that was terrible".  "I'm never doing that again". Or you walked into the club and saw all the He-Men, wearing tank tops and gold chains, grunting in squat racks while doing bicep curls. Or even the Cardio-Bunnies layin miles down and you stood there with your eyes and mouth wide open, just clueless what to do?  I know countless stories of these exact things happening to people.

It doesn't have to be that hard.  At MVP Performance Training we truly care about each and everyone one of our clients.  You're not just a number.  If you're coming off a recent injury or surgery, we can assist you.  If you've fallen off the exercise wagon and just need a hand getting going again, we can assist you.  We'll spend the time with you to ensure you're guided down the right path.  If you like training in Groups, you can check out our Group Strength and Metabolic Options.  These groups workout together following a similar workout.  If you like or could use more personal attention, our Semi-Private Personal Training might be for you.  These workouts a specifically designed for you the client. One of our highly certified trainers will walk you through each step of your workout. 

Everyone needs a jump start at one time or another. Let us assist you.  Call Today 971-241-7182 or click the link to set up a FREE Consultation.

We're here for you.

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