Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Is Your Back Bugging You?

Does your lower back bug you on a daily basis?  Dull, aching muscles that makes getting up a chore?  Many people do, but it doesn't have to be that way.  Far too often we go about our day and make excuses about why I can't do this or that.   I wrote a blog post back in 2011 on Low Back Pain(LBP).  You can check the whole thing out here.

At MVP Performance Training, moving well and getting strong are two of our primary goals.  Low Back Pain and discomfort is debilitating if you've ever experienced it.   So first off, If you're having acute pain get it checked out by a doctor.  Once cleared, getting moving again is essential.  Here is a routine I do with my clients and athletes that are dealing with that nagging low back.   9 out of 10 times, opening up the hips and T-Spine will relieve low back discomfort.

Remember, The day to day grind of our lives takes a toll on our bodies. Some people sit too much, some stand all day and some do the same small task, all day, every day. These repetitive patterns are, whether moving or not, are contributors to your situation.

Your training regimen should be specifically designed to help you move better, get stronger and ensure you attain your goals. It should also off set the repetitive and overuse patterns that you do every day.

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