Monday, April 7, 2014

All Core, All The Time

Sorry to burst your bubble, but doing specific ab exercises won't give you a 6 Pack.  Engaging in a well rounded, long term development strength and conditioning program, while following a sound nutrition plan is where you'll find your abs.

At MVP Performance Training, emphasis is placed on the Core, but not in the traditional way.  We don't prescribe sit ups or crunches.  The muscles of the core are designed to prevent flexion, extension and rotation.  The Core needs to be incorporated throughout the entire workout.  All Core, All the Time.  The muscles of the core are not limited to the "6 Pack" abs.  It's a whole lot more complex than what you see.  Rectus Abdominus, Obliques, Diaphram, Hamstrings, Psoas and More.

Here are a few exercises that I love using in my programs that activate and work the core.


Banded Push Up

TRX Grave Digger

1 Up/1 Down KB Carry

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