Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Missing The Mark?

Do you workout in a group or with a partner?  Does your workout partner have similar goals as you?  What if the current workout that you are doing does not match up with your goals?  Many of the clients and students that I work with are interested in fat loss, weight loss and/or increased sport performance.  What if that's not my goal?  Take me, personally, for example.  Over the last year my goal has been to moved better, get stronger and increase hypertrophy.  As I move into the 40's I think it's even more important to keep a solid foundation, move well and improve strength.  Don't you?  I'm getting older.  I'm ok with that.  But there's no chance I'm slowing down.

Have a plan and work the plan all the way through!  Don't stop half way or change the plan daily.

My days and workouts mix between MVP Performance Training and the Strength and Conditioning and Physical Education Classes that I teach at Newberg High School.  I balance my workouts the best I can between the two, trying to get 4-6 workouts per week.  This doesn't always happen, but that's the goal.  Far too often folks get roped into doing this program and that program and they never hit the mark or follow through.  As I mentioned earlier, Have a plan and work the plan all the way through!  By completing and task, goal or program you're able to evaluate how things went and make adjustments if needed.

Put a plan together, write it down and establish your goals.

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