Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mental Toughnes Workshop: Day 1

Day One of our Mental Toughness Workshop was outstanding.  Elliot Waksman from Portland Sport Psychology in Portland, OR started off the evening with a plan.  He told all attendees what was going to happen, before it happened.  Planned, Maybe.  He also grabbed our attention with a Free Association Game(Ice Breaker).  Always a great idea when a new face is in the room for the first time. 

If you missed last night and are still interested in attending, we still have 3 sessions still to come.  

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The rest of the evening went like this:
  • Free Association Game
  • Elliot's Background
  • Video
  • Reframing Game Plan
  • Waksman's Self Talk Exercise
  • Reframing Game
  • Control The Controllables
The main focus of this evening was Reframing.  We all have moments when we beat ourselves up with negative talk.  The hardest part, which is so simple, is reframing our negatve talk into a positive.  One of the biggest takeaways that I left with was, "The best athletes in the world can reframe negative self talk or thoughts within the first 10-12 seconds after this behavior or thought occurs."  By simply reframing so quickly, their heart rate and breathing slowed so they were under control and conserved energy.  You can remember the times or days when you were stressed or feeling negative.  Remember the feeling of exhaustion?  That feeling of exhaustion was all the extra energy you spent.  If you can reframe your thoughts and emotions quicker, in the first 10-12 seconds, think of all the extra energy you will have.

How do I reframe?  Think of a situation you were in that you had a negative thought?  Write it down.  Now look at these questions to reframe your thought progess:
  • Does the statement address the original negative thought?
  • Is it creative?
  • Is it fairly short?
  • Is it under your control?
How did you do?  Not very difficult is it?  Now practice that whenever a negative thought enters your head. 

Finally, we talked about things that we can control.  This is one of my favorites.  "Control The Controllables".  The things that you can't control, weather, crowd, referees or your opponents trash talking, don't worry about it.   Focus on reframing your negative thoughts as quick as possible and controlling the things you can.  Once again, practice it.

The first session of our Mental Toughness Workshop was outstanding.  Applicable takeaways!  I can't wait until next week.  If you missed last night and are still interested in attending, we still have 3 sessions still to come.  If they are anywhere close to the takeaways from last night, you don't want to miss it.  It WILL elevate you game!!!  Jump in on the last 3 sessions for Only $75.

Give me a call at 971-241-7182 or stop in at MVP Performance Training for more info.

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