Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Do You Know?

I’ve entered my 18th year teaching High School Physical Education and Strength and Conditioning.  On a regular basis my students and clients bring me things that they see or have heard other people doing and ask me what do I think.  Some days it even feels like the movie, “Groundhog’s Day” with Bill Murray and I have to just shake my head.  It really is on a daily basis.  This posed the question to myself, What do you know?

I know over my career I have rode the pendulum many times, as many have.  What I find myself always doing is falling back into the center.  The overreaction too many new fads overwhelms people.  Many times one just follows along and doesn’t know why.

What Do You Know?

I know that my students, athletes and clients need to move well and get strong.  When they accomplish these things, their goals are achieved.  How do you get them to move better and get stronger?  The FMS.  The Functional Movement Screen has been a huge “Ah Ha” for me over the last almost 10 years.  It is not the end all be all, but a first lense.  A starting point.  A challenge for me to look deeper into how someone moves and how I program exercises.  Building a solid movement and strength base is #1.

I know I need to be a life long learned.  I need to give my clients and students quality information.  Many of the individuals that I work with, especially my High School students and athletes are very easily influenced.  I see it every day.  The new exercise fad, the new ab workout, the new anything.  They do it.  I know that I need to give them quality information and the experience to apply that information in order for them to be successful.

I know I need to have a plan.  A plan to keep the pendulum centered.  This is an outline I follow with every client and student. 

I.                    Smile
II.                 FMS
III.               Movement Prep/Warm Up
IV.              Agility(With our Athletes)
V.                 Power
VI.              Acceleration (With our Athletes)
VII.            Strength
VIII.         Conditioning (Cardio or Energy System Development if you want to call it that)

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