Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Stats are Against You

As the New Year is upon us and the hustle and bustle of all the New Year's resolutions are falling, why do so many of these resolutions fail?  I was looking at a recent Stanford University study about behavioral change.  30% of all New Year's resolutions will fail by the end of January.  At first some wouldn't think that this wasn't a bad statistic, but as I dug deeper more glaring issues came up.  

Health, fitness and wellness is in the top of all New Year's resolutions made every year.  Once again why do most people fail.  Just as in the title, The Statistics are against you.  It's just about behavioral change.  When we turn into the New Year, everyone looks at it as a clean slate.  "I'm gonna change this", "I'm gonna change that".  Problem is the odds are stacked against you.  In another study I was looking at, if an individual tackled just one new behavior, they we more than 80% likely to make it a permanent behavior.  Up that to 3 or more new behaviors at once and their success rate dropped to less than 30%.

Let's look at the classic, "I'm gonna Get into better shape", New Year's Resolution.  How many behavioral changes does someone have to go through in order to make this happen?  Find workout clothes, pick a workout time, pick a workout, pick a workout place or gym, get child care, find a workout partner, make a nutrition plan and the list could go on and on.  Point being, there's way more than just one behavioral change going on.  Chances are, according to the statistics and studies, sustaining these changes will be an uphill battle.  Some winless.

Pick one thing and do it daily.  Once you have made this a daily habit, add another.  But don't let the cart get ahead of the horse.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your New Years Resolution(s) of Health, Fitness and Wellness, let us show you how we help each and everyone of out clients meet their performance and fitness goals.  Our accountability can help you.

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