Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To Run or Not to Run

At MVP Performance Training we use the Functional Movement Screen as the primary lens to look through when we are looking at our clients.  We use the screen scores to appropriately select exercises in our program design.  Every exercise we select has a purpose.  Our number one goal is to help people move better.  If we can get them to move better, we can get then to be more stable.  If they are more stable, we can get them stronger.  If we can get our clients to move better, be more stable and get them stronger, we can assist them in attaining whatever their goals are(Fat Loss, Sport Performance, etc).  Period!

Lately, much talk has arisen about using running to get in shape.  What a flawed approach.  So many people do this and flat out, they get hurt.  Why?  Actually, there is a 95% chance that you will get hurt within the 1st year. We need to get in shape to run.  Not the other way around. 

Have you ever decided that today is the day that you are getting in shape.  "I'm going for a run you say".  About halfway into your run you think you're going to die.  Pain!  You limp to the end and collapse on the front lawn.  The next day you wake up and you are so sore, you say you're never doing that again. 

Runners are natorious for training til they get hurt, rest till the are healthy and repeat.  Have you ever listened to your body?  Those aches and pains are telling you something.  Running Requires Maintenance "We aren't cats - we only get one life in one body. If we want to stay active we need to keep our tires rotated, the oil fresh, clean air filters, a full tank of gas and a wash every now and again. Our bodies will thank us and our co-workers that sit close to us will thank us." - MRP

As I mentioned earlier, we use the FMS to screen all of our clients.  Symmetry in the basic movements of the body are crucial to quality human movement.  Running is no different.  It is imperative, that the body is symmetrical in order to run.  Which most people are not.  

If I asked you to do 500 or more plyometric jumps in one workout, you'd probably look at me like I'm crazy.  That's essentially what running is.  Repetitive plyometric steps, 2-5X your body weight, placed into the ground on every step. Silly, right?   "Before you have endurance, you have to have the strength to endure". Once again, we need to get into shape to run.  Not everyone should run!

"Running is the pinnacle of the Neuromuscular Sequence" .  Just take a look at the progression on how a baby develops.  Running is the ultimate.  Don't take this wrong.  Everyone still shouldn't run.  As we get older most lose the abilities that we had as children.  The FMS tells us that.  When we program at MVP Performance Training  we take all of this into account.  We must addresses any movement limitation before we laod that particular pattern. Once again, No Running for you.

Finally, my biggest take away is still that most people shouldn't run.  Running is a high level skill that needs coaching.  When you get sick you go to the doctor.  When your car breaks down you go to the mechanic.  What makes you think that today you're going to run to get in shape on your own?

Get Mobile, Get Stable and Get Strong before you run.  That's what we do at MVP Performance Training

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