Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 Ways To Sustain Your Workout

As the seasons begin to change and the summer heat departs us, many are looking for indoor options to workout.  I've had quite a few personal messages and emails lately asking for workout recommendations.  All too often people will begin a workout routine and within a few weeks they are no longer doing it.  Why?  I agree that life throws us curve balls, but without a plan it's inevitable that failure will occur.  Take a moment and write down all the things that you can think of as to why one will not sustain a workout routine.

Rather than beat the dead horse, I'm going to switch my focus and instead of telling why you can't sustain your workout, I'm going to give you ways that you can.

Research.  There are tons of exercise opportunities out there to meet your needs.  Rec Sports, Yoga, Outdoor Rec Activities and of course, Gyms.  At MVP Performance Training our focus is on Long Term Development vs. just "The Sale".  We focus on helping people move better first, then get them stronger.  Once we do this, we can assist them in attaining whatever their goals are(Fat Loss, Sport Performance, or Just looking Hot). 

Make It Fit.  While doing your research, you also have to choose things that fit into your life and budget.  However, remember the old saying, "You Get What You Pay For".  Many people currently have a gym membership, but never go.  It is staggering to see the statistics of people that do that.  That's because there is no value in the service provided.  You can pay a really low monthly membership to rent and have access to a facility, but you're on your own.  Keep that in mind

Have A Plan.  We never plan to fail.  We just fail to plan.  We don't go into something and say to ourselves, "Man, I'm really going to stink it up today".  At MVP Performance Training we set that plan for you.  Our Plan for all our clients and athletes consist of:
-Functional Movement Screening
-Program Design
-Personal Coaching                                              
-Nutrition Coaching
-Check Ins

Connect the Mind and Body.  Many people use working out or getting in shape as a means to look better and feel better.  But many times the reasons that one has been sedentary for 1, 5, 10, 20 or more years has nothing to do with their fitness level.  The "Real Why" goes deeper.  Recently I had the opportunity to study The MET Method and take their certification course.   M. E. T. stands for Move, Empower and Transform.  "Everything we do in life starts and finishes in the brain".  "The MET Method strives to synchronize the brain with the body by keeping the complete human being in mind thus laying the foundation to improve emotional and cognitive function while simultaneously developing a fitter, stronger, and more dynamic body".

Accountability.  Not that long ago I wrote a blog about Accountability.    Every aspect of our lives rely on accountability.  People make excuses all the time about why they can't or why they've failed.  Failure is merely a detour. They have no accountability.  Hire a coach or trainer.  The professional can assist you from getting from A to B.  When you get sick, you go to the Doctor.  When your car breaks down, you take it to the mechanic.  So why, when you are out of shape you try to do it yourself?  FAIL! 

1.  Do some research
2.  Make sure it fits
3.  Make a plan
4.  Connect the mind and body
5.  Work the plan and have accountability in place.

If you need assistance and are ready to put your best foot forward and begin your journey to Lifelong Fitness and health, contact us at MVP Performance Training for a Fitness Consultation. We will meet you where you are at, set a plan and put you on the right path today.

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