Friday, August 30, 2013


Every aspect of our lives rely on accountability.  People make excuses all the time about why they can't or why they've failed.  Failure is merely detour. They have no accountability.
At MVP Performance Training in McMinnville, OR Fitness is Timeless.  It's not a fad or a short term fix.  We provide accountability to ensure you attain your goals.  The journey for ultimate Fitness is like searching for a perfect wave(analogy from my surfing days as a kid).  The moment you find it, you're looking for the next perfect wave or workout in our case.  However, There is no opportunity for lasting success without accountability. I'm amazed at how many people pay a gym membership, renting equipment most of the time, and never go.  Once again, No Accountability.

Let's do an exercise.

Get out a piece of paper right now. Write down 3 things you could do today to improve your health. 
You might jot down some things like:
-Eat Wholesome foods
-Drink Plenty of Water
-Go to the gym daily
-Get 8 hours of sleep each night

So, why do so many people struggle with doing these things?  That's Right, Accountability.  Or the lack there of.  There are many exercise options to choose from and most never meet expectations because of the lack of accountability.  You just rent space or time.  At MVP Performance Training we create lasting and meaningful experience that produces results.  Results!

Our Plan:
-Movement Screening
-Program Design
-Personal Coaching                                              
-Nutrition Coaching
-Check Ins

If you need Accountability and are ready to put your best foot forward and begin your journey to Lifelong Fitness and health, contact us at MVP Performance Training for a Fitness Consultation. We will meet you where you are at, set a plan and put you on the right path today.

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