Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Plain Junk!!!

I wear many hats during the day. One of which is a Full Time High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Physical EducationTeacher at Newberg High School. Day in and day out it is a battle when I talk with my student athletes about proper nutrition. It is urgent that we address thus issue.
I had to take a group if my Juniors up to the library to do a survey. A couple of students were getting a snack out of the be dining machine. I've Cream...Really? That wasn't the half of it. Junk, Just Plain Junk!!! Current federal guidelines are silly and almost, Well they're just embarrassing.
We are here to educate. These kids are going to be presented with tough choices their whole lives. We have to put them in a position to be successful. Right now we're setting the up to fail. We have a choice as to what we put in front of them

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