Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Have You Lost Your Power Steering?

Have you ever had your power steering go out?  How about driving grandpa's old truck that never had power steering in the first place?  I was driving home last night from another awesome day and I heard my car making a funny sound.  Then, a rattle.  Then, It felt as if I ran over somethings.  I looked in my rear view mirror and didn't really see anything.  So I kept on driving.  The road was straight and my car handled like normal.  But all of a sudden, I had to turn.  I was very surprised because my power steering was out.  Oh Crap!  2 hands on the wheel and pull hard.  Slow Down!  I was a little shocked since I wasn't ready for the abrupt change is my steering capabilities.  I guess I need to get that fixed.

Why do I write about my power steering going out?  I have had the opportunity lately to talk with students, staff, clients and I even did a presentation at Oregon Mutual Insurance for their Lunch and Learn Program.  Discussions on mobility leads the way.  Ironic that my power steering went out and I've been talking about mobility.  See a connection?  My car drove nicely when it was going straight.  When I had to move, it had issues.  Same thing goes for your movement quality.  Moving straight ahead while you're standing isn't the issue.  What happens when you have to get out of your chair or car?  How about getting off the floor or up off of the toilet?  In our every day life we have to bend, lunge, squat, pull things and push things.  If we do not have these movement and mobility qualities, everyday life is just plain rough. 

I guess I need to get that power steering fixed.  Same goes for my movement quality.

Where do I start?

First and foremost, give me a call and I'll set up a consultation and we'll run you through the Functional Movement Screen.  Once we have a better understanding on how you move, we can prioritize your Personal Training and Group Strength Training Options for you.  At MVP Performance Training in McMinnville, OR we'll guide you through every aspect of your workout. 

Movement Quality and Mobility are number one.  Once we can move efficiently, we can then become stable and build strength.  Once these things happen, we can attack personal goals that you have set(Fat Loss, Speed Gains, Power, etc.). 

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