Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MVP Performance Training Options

Group Training Options
1)  3 Month Agreement - $127
2)  6 Month Agreement -  $97
·         Access to our High Energy Group Strength, Metabolic &/or Athletic Sessions.                                   
       (8+ Participants)Ask for a schedule.
·         A scientifically designed Group Program (changes once per month) to boost your metabolism, increase athleticism decrease injuries, increase your strength and your functional movement in day to day activities!
·         A coach is always present to assist you.

These options are recommended if you DO NOT have any special circumstances such as injuries or limitations (per the FMS or your physician) which require you have a specific program designed for you.

Semi-Private Personal Training Options – 3 Month Agreement
1)       1 Semi-Private Training Session Per Week - $176/Month
2)       2 Semi-Private Training Sessions Per Week - $237/Month
Includes all of the benefits of our Complete Group Training Options PLUS:
·         Individualized program design written specifically for you.
(changed every 4-6 weeks).
·         Intensive instructional coaching session, working on your specific needs and goals in a semi-private setting.  (2-4 people).
·         Unlimited coaching (a coach is always present to assist you with your individual program).
·         Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching
1)  MVP Nutrition Coaching - $139/Month
·         Complete Client History
·         Readiness Evaluation
·         Dietary Journal
·         2 Check Ins Per Week via Phone, Text or Email
·         1 Formal In Person Conference Per Month

Private 1 on 1 Training  - 3 Month Agreement
1)  1 on 1 Personal Training • $65 per hour
·         Individualized program, design written specifically for you (changed every 4-6 weeks). 
·         Working 1 on 1 with one of our personal trainers who will take you  step by step through your workout.

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