Monday, March 11, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I Can't Do PE Today

A while back, at the beginning of the school year, I tweeted the Top 10 Reasons I Can't Do PE Today.  It was a good laugh and I though I'd share it with you here.  Thanks Dewey for inspiring me to put this together.  You can follow me on twitter @MVPPerformance.

I've been teaching HS PE and HS Strength and Conditioning now since 1996.    Everyday is an adventure.  You'd be amazed at how many excuses I get on a daily basis.  You really have no idea.

10) I forgot my PE Clothes.  Yup, Lame.
9) I have tendinitis in my knee so I can't do badminton today.  And I can't miss practice after school.

8) I don't feel well. Lame.
 7) I've got a game today.  Also Lame.
 6) My Mom said I don't have to participate today. 
5) I have a self diagnosed stress fracture. Best so far.
4) I have a science lab due 
3) My Cat Pee'd on my PE Uniform
2) I have phantom pain from fibromyalgia.  What?

And the # 1 Reason I Can't Do PE Today is...

1) I was doing a headstand push up and felt a pop in my trap and collapsed to the ground landing on my head.  Crossfit Genius.


Hope You enjoyed that.  It's a running list, so if any new ones come up I'll update it. 


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