Monday, February 11, 2013

3 Tips For Runners

With the sun peaking out, I've heard more folks talking about running and seen more runners pounding the pavement. The problem is, most people, even runners themselves, are not ready to run.  Movement Deficiencies, Gait Problems, Strength Deficits and over all  cardiovascular conditioning are culprits to a non-sustainable running plan. 

As I've said many times, Running Sucks.  Now, don't freak out on me.  I mean this in a good way.  Or I'll say educated way. It is very common for someone to say "I'm going to run to get in shape".  This is a flawed approach and is never sustainable.  The better approach would be "I'm going to get into shape to run".  All too often one will go out with the first approach and run for a week or two or three and then all of a sudden a weird pain appears.  Instead of listening to their bodies, they push through it.  Pain travels from place to place, finally settling with some excruciating pain at the knee, heel or arch.   Now, most educated people would go get things checked out and figure out the cause(I could tell you, but it will cost you :) )  Instead, they just rest, never solving the problem.  Once the pain goes away they go out and try to run to get in shape again.  Guess what happen?  Yup.  The pain came right back.  This time, plantarfasciitis set in.  This cycle continues because they just don't have a plan. 

At MVP Performance Training we customize all of our program for our clients and athletes.  Here is a simple plan for runners looking to improve their running times.

1)  Get 3 Strength Training Sessions in each week
2)  Don't Just Run to Run.  Have a plan. More is not better.   Here's a 5K Running Plan - 3 Runs/Week
               *Day 1 - 3 Miles for Time
               *Day 2 - 5 Miles (Over mile day-No Time Requirement)
               *Day 3 - Intervals - 200 & 300 Turn backs are always a good bet.
3)  Recovery Days are essential to your success.  Nutrition is paramount.

If you want more tip of even a specific training program to improve your Spring and Summer Running, give us a call here at MVP.

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