Friday, December 14, 2012

The quickest way to get hurt in your training, is to train metabolically without establishing a solid strength foundation.  The quickest way to get slow is to run slow for long distances.  The quickest way to weaken the core is to crunch, v-up or flex and extend the spine.  Spend your time training hard, but train smart.  I realize that this is challenging since so many of you still train the way we trained 20 years ago.  Many of those practices are not practical.    Especially if you have a health or movement deficiency that hampers you.  People say all the time, "I know what I need to do at the gym". But in reality, they have no clue. 

Take a moment and write down everything that you do in or at the gym.  Then match it to this simple template.  Keep a running tally.  If you are a healthy individual, all categories should balance out 1 to 1.  (If you are injured or have a movement deficiency, you need to come see me).  A balanced program is not always balanced.  Especially when movement impairments are present.

Upper Body Push-
Upper Body Pull-
Lower Body Push-
Lower Body Pull-

This simple guide will help you ensure that your choice of exercises are at least keeping your overall program balanced.  If you have no idea where to start in your program, give us a call at MVP.  You can even follow the link below.  We'll set you up and get you dialed in to a fitness program that meets your needs.  

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