Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The 2 Worst Fitness Products

I work with students, athletes and adults of all ages.  There is not a week that goes by that I don't have at least one conversation that deals with back pain or discomfort.  At no place in any of my workouts do we have a crunch or a sit up.  Repeated flexion and extension of the spine is a disc herniation pattern.  Everyone is different, but at some point, if you keep crunching(flexing and extending) the spine, the structures around the spine will weaken and finally give out.  Pain will preside.  Sometimes debilitating.

If it was me, and my trainer or coach told me or made me do crunches and sit ups, I'd fire them because of their ignorance and for putting me in harms way and for being uneducated.  Which brings me to more craziness.   Not only is this movement pattern horrible, some want to make it even worse.  These could be the 2 worst fitness/infomercial products out there.

The Bender Ball

Bender Ball
The claim is that the Bender Ball makes the crunch 408% more effective.  REALLY?  Create a bigger range of motion with a longer lever?  A quote from their website,  "It's quick, it's right to the point, gets right to the abs. You will see results quickly, and that's the best part."  I'm sorry to say that all this will do is give you a sore back.  And the best way to get that 6 Pack is to follow a solid nutrition plan and implement a quality fitness routine that will safely progress you through your workouts.

The Ab Mat
The ab mat is no different than the bender ball.  They say, "Laying on the AbMat equals full range of motion, a full stretch between repetitions, and support for your spine.  Once again, we know that flexion and extension of the spine is a poor patter, yet we are going to increase this poor pattern by increasing the range of motion.  Poor Decision.

A Better Approach

I've posted a bunch of Dr. McGill's work in the past.  A truly better approach to core training. Try some of his exercises out.  You back will thank you. Like I mentioned before, If you trainer or coach is having you do crunches and sit ups as part of you fitness routhine or athletic enhancement program, I would advise you to make a change.

At MVP Performance Training, our workouts are professionally designed to progress you safely through your workouts and to ensure you attain your performance or fitness goals. 

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