Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nutrition Tip: Can I have something to munch on?

Apparently a line that I use, according to my 4 year old, is, Can I have something to munch on? I recently did, sort of, a diet analysis on myself. I just recorded everything I ate for a week. Over this time I was amazed at how many calories I took in from snacking. Half of my daily intake was from snacking. Thats not always a bad thing. Luckily I'm a shake guy and those counted toward my total
I don't really worry too much about counting calories. I was more looking for patterns in my eating habits.
-I drink plenty of coffee. Maybe too much.
-I snack throughout the day.
-I averaged 5.2 meals per day(counting snacks)

Once I looked at the pattern that I normally created, and the fact that I snack a lot, I paid closer attention to the things I munch on. If it's there I'll eat it. Chips and Salsa are my Achilles Heel.

Don't get me wrong, I'm human. And I love to eat. And a nice pint of IPA is in my near future. However, without a plan you have no chance. Take a moment and write things down. You'll probably be surprised what you see.

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