Monday, November 26, 2012

Static Stretching: Which Way To Go

For years we used to sit and hold different positions for extended periods of time to lengthen each muscle, mainly 30 seconds(Static Stretching).  Then, many studies came out and said that static stretching was bad for force production and athletic performance so we discontinued the extended holds and went with a more dynamic approach.  Stretches that were held for a second or two, but movement was still involved.  These movements were controlled and we stayed away from the ballistic, hard end range, movements.  But, did the baby get thrown out with the bath water?  This is another example of half a truth. 

Static Stretching is not a very good idea if it is immediately followed by Sprints, Olympic Lifts or other Explosive movements.  However, static stretching can be applicable if implemented after foam rolling and prior to a thorough dynamic warm up.  At MVP, a typical workout format would look like:

I.  Foam Roll
II.  Static Stretch
III.  Mini Band Activation Walks
IV.  Dynamic Warm Up
V.  Workout
VI.  Recover/Refuel

Many are quick to act, which happens to be an over reaction.  Shocking, I know.  To understand more about implementation of a proper warm up, flexibility and workout routine, give us a call 971-241-7182 at MVP Performance Training here in McMinnville, OR.  We'll assist you with your personal training and fitness needs.

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