Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Supplement Plan

I've had several conversation lately about supplementation.  Particularly what I recommend or take myself.  Well, first things first.  We need to take a look at what we are currently eating before we supplement.  There is no better fix than eating a Lean, Clean and Green Diet.  Before I make any recommendations I'll have you write down everything you eat and drink for a few days.  Then I can take a look and make some suggestions.  Primarily, adjustments that you can make immediately in your current diet.  Then and only then would I recommend any supplements.  Even then, my only recommendations are:

1.  Multivitamin for men / Multivitamin for women
2.  Fish or Krill Oil  
3.  Whey Protein
4.  Post Workout Recovery Shake

Making some adjustments to your current diet and adding a few high quality supplements, you'll be on your way to attaining your performance goals.

For any of your nutrition needs, I recommend Prograde Nutrition.  They are the leader when it comes to your health and supplement needs.

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