Friday, October 26, 2012


How do you stay compliant when the goals that you have set for yourself are not attainable or unrealistic?  Maybe the plan or path that you are currently on is unrealistic as well?  Exercise regimen?  Diet?

I consider myself a real person.  I try to stick to my guns, but I'm human.  I have likes and vices just like anyone.  I spent some time reading Precision Nutrition's Material.  One of the best, realistic plans that they set forth is the "90% Rule" .  That is, "Stick to the plan 90% of the time".  The other 10% you are allowed to be human.  Cheat if you will, with no penalty.    But don't over do it. 

Let's talk about your workout schedule.  Calculate how many days a month you plan to go to the gym.  Then, do the math.  Let's say you are going to workout 4 times a week and there are 4 weeks in the month.  Out of 16 workouts, you can miss 2.  Same thing goes for your nutrition.  Calculate how many meals you're going to each day and then each week.  If you're eating 3 meals a day, then out of 84 meals for the month, you have essentially just over 2 cheat meal each week to stay on track. 

I like this plan because you have to hold yourself accountable, but there is room to be real.  If you're just struggling to make things work in your workout or on your nutrition plan, give me a call at MVP Performance Training here in McMinnville, OR 971-241-7182.  We'll set you up with out program and get you back on track as well as give you the structure and accountability to stay compliant.

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