Thursday, August 16, 2012


We wake to a new day and reassess our goals regarding our fitness approach. As many things, we want results and we want them now. No regard for proper approach or progression. We leap before we look and the results can be devastating. The cart gets ahead of the horse if you will. High Intensity Training works, but it isn't sustainable. Yes, the body will adapt. We all know that. Can it sustain it, day in and day out. No. I think not.
We need to take a moment and devise a plan from the first movement screen, where we are able to set a baseline and devise a proper course of action to the proper implementation of power, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning protocols. Proper periodization, this we can sustain. When overload and progression are combined appropriately, this maps out a better plan of action.
Goal #1 is Do No Harm. I want my clients to Move Better, Feel Better and Look Better. Sometimes the envelope gets pushed, but the protocol has to stay within the framework of previously stated.

Live Fiercely!


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