Sunday, August 12, 2012

Functional Training Is Not Passe

Another fantastic educational weekend at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Long Beach, Ca comes to a close.  I always love getting a chance to hang out with some of the coolest folks in the industry and pick their brains.  I'm sitting here at the airport and ponder many things regarding training.  This weekend we dove deeper into the Functional Movement Screen, Looked at Training Adaptations for Female Athletes, Soft Tissue, Mobility and Flexibility Problems, Crawling Patterns and how they all fit into our current programing.  

Before I get into some of the specifics I wanted to talk a little bit about current trends in training, mainly the difference between Fundamental vs Functional.

The definition of Function: the kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, or institution; the purpose for something is designed or exists; role.

The definition of Fundamental:  serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying: fundamental principles; the fundamental structure. 
The term Functional Training has been around for some time. Not aways good as I look back.   Just like with many things there is an under reaction/over reaction as the pendulum swings.  We saw things like clients and athletes Back Squatting while standing on a Stability Ball or jumping with performing a partner piggy back.  
I made a comment the other day, "I'm glad that Functional Training has gone away".  My good buddy responded, "I didn't Realize Functional was Passe."  Or out of date for all of you that don't follow Fancy Nancy like my girls do.   What I meant and should have said was that I'm glad that training has gone back to the basic fundamental basics that make things functional.
The days of programing exercises, circuits and complexes that jeopardize the reward of trainings are gone.  Well, sort of.  There are still many trainers and coaches that do really stupid and uneducated things. They are just educated enough to be dangerous.   

The foundation of our training is build on fundamental movement patterns.  If you  neglect this, the pyramid would never stand.  Functional Training is the kind of action or activity proper to a person.  A huge part to my programing is ensuring that proper exercise selection is based on the individuals fundamental needs.  Without this, our training cannot be Functional.  
How might you ask is this accomplished?  Screen.  If your training doesn't use some sort of lens to select exercises for you, you should go see someone else.  Here at MVP Performance Training in McMinnville, OR we use the Functional Movement Screen to test how you move and program the proper course of training.  
Functional Training cannot be "Functional" if you cannot perform "Fundamental" movements efficiently.  Being Mobile is the first step to moving better, getting more powerful, stronger, faster or whatever your performance goal is. 
Lastly, you have to know how to get from A to B.  If you don't know where A is, How do you expect to get to your destination.

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