Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I know for Sure – Part 3: Keep It Simple

I love simple exercise. The Push Up, Chin Up, Squat and Lunge are probably four of my favorite exercise.  The best thing is that they can be progressed or regressed in several variations to increase or decrease the load.  The Push Up can be done elevated, declined, on a ball, in a TRX, or in a plyometric fashion.  The Chin Up can be done with varying grip forms(Chin Up Grip, Parallel Grip and Pull Up Grip).  The Squat can be with weight or with just body weight.  It can be done bilaterally(On 2 Feet) or Uni-laterally(On 1 Foot).  And lastly, the Lunge can be done linearly, laterally or multi-directionally.

I love the Push Up, Chin Up, Squat and the Lunge.  These are simple exercises that you can do in the gym or at home.  A simple progression to follow would be to perform one set of each exercise for five repetitions.  Add one rep each week or two until you can perform ten repetitions of each exercise. Then increase the number of sets until you can perform three sets of ten repetitions of each exercise.  Another variation that you might consider is playing around with the tempo of the exercise.  Fun Stuff.

Even though these are simple exercises and I know that you can do these at home or at the gym, sometimes you need assistance.  If you need a jolt or a little accountability in your workouts, give MVP a call today.  MVP Performance Training is here to assist you attain your performance and fitness goals.  Check In Today and we'll set you up with a FREE Fitness Assessment and Workout.

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