Monday, March 19, 2012

What I know for Sure – Part 2: My Feet like feeling the Ground

I grew up in Hawaii and ran around barefoot all the time, even though my Dad road my ^$$ about putting shoes on so I didn’t stub a toe.  You know how kids listen to their parents.  There was a beach that we frequented that had this particular rock that we climbed on all the time, Barefoot of course.  I was home, some years later, and walked out on that rock barefoot and didn’t make it two steps.  Man, how my feet changed. 

Fast forward 30 years and think about what my feet are like.  I played baseball every year and far back as I can remember.  This Spring is the first year in almost 30 years where I am not coaching or playing baseball.  Years of wearing baseball spikes and athletic shoes have created a monster in my feet.  My big toe on my right foot, that I broke when I was 12, is crooked and catching as many innings that I have in my life only made things worse.

Over the last couple of years I have paid more attention to what is going on with my body, how it feels, how it reacts to training stimulus, etc.  I Know For Sure that my feet like feeling the ground.  I have also paid closer attention to the same things with my clients.  I’ve also had them train without their shoes on many occasions and some folks train exclusively in their bare feet(or in their Vibrams).  The body will adapt to whatever stimulus or environment it is in.  We’ve just messed it up.  Allow your feet and your body to move in a natural way, the way it would in nature.  You will be amazed in how you feel.  Not only in your movement, but in your training sessions and every aspect of your life.

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