Monday, January 23, 2012

You Shouldn't Do Rotational Ab Work. Or Should You?

I see all kinds of abdominal exercises. Some, I truly just don't understand. In many past studies, it has been agreed that the thoracic spine rotates considerably more than the lumbar spine. "The total of degree of axial rotation was approximately 45° in the thoracic region and approximately 10° in the lumbar region, which suggests that trunk rotations occur in the thoracic region rather than in the lumbar region"(Eur Spine J. 2007). Since the lumbar spine rotates only a degree or two at the most. Wouldn't it be logical to spend our time trying to improve thoracic spine mobility? And lumbar spine stability? At MVP Performance Training, in Mcminnville, OR, this is a large part of our philosophy. You won't see these types of russian twists(pictured) or other crazy abdominal exercises. You will see stability exercises and mobility exercises implemented when and where appropriate. You'll also see many postural and carrying exercises also implemented. Our goal is to improve your health and performance. Not hinder it. Yes, I am guilty of programing and performing many of these ridiculous abdominal exercises. Good thing I'm a fast learner. If you want to learn more about proper abdominal/core training and see what we do at MVP, Give me a call. MVP Performance Training 906 NE 11th Street Suite A McMinnville, OR 97128. 971-241-7182

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