Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Train Hard, Train Smart, Have Fun

When a student, athlete or client comes in to see me(at school or at MVP) they go through a few basic, but required, steps before getting into their training. Each fill out a Personal Health History and go through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). These two steps provide me with important information leading into the design of their training programs. Not everyone can or will start at the same place with the same exercises. However, there might be some similarities. We cannot just pigeon hole everyone into the same regimen. The days where you were told to "Just Suck It Up" or "Come On, Push Through It" are behind us. Training Programs need to meet the individual where they are at and progress them through to their goal.
With exercise selection, it is critical that there is progression and regression to assist the individual in their success. The Squat is a good example. If one scores low on the FMS Deep Squat, but is pain free, I'm not going to load that pattern with a heavey shoulder loaded bar until the pattern is cleaned up. A nice regression is the Goblet Squat (presented by Dan John). And 9 times out of 10 the pattern is cleaned up jsut with the selection of a better exercise. This same concept must hold true for every pattern.
I'm a huge believer that every individual must have the capability, with the upper and lower body, to push, pull, carry and hip hinge. Oh ya, and the load and intensity must be appropriate for the training.
At MVP, we progress you through a safe and professionally designed training regimen. The environemnt is clean and electric.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Have Fun!


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