Thursday, November 17, 2011

Progressive Exercise

In my dealings with clients over the years. Especially, unconditioned or out of shape individuals, I don't recommend that they go running (Do Yoga, Palates, or crossfit,etc.) to get into shape prior to training. I use the motto, "We need to get in shape to run" (Or do what ever we want to do), not the other way around. In my mind, people need a proper progressive resistance training program to get them into the shape they need to be in to do whatever they want to do. I know that some of the recommendations that some of our national organizations make are not real world. Our current reality is that most people now days just can't move. Going out and running to get into shape is a very uncomfortable feeling. The return is that they stop it all together.

The best accountability is to work with someone that can assist you in following a plan. If you can do it on your own, more power to you. However, most people struggle to stay on track. Working with someone gives you the accountability that you need to push through those hard times and meet your goals.

At MVP Performance Training, 820 SE 1st Street McMinnville, OR 98128, we will assist you in meeting your fitness and performance goals.


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