Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1. Do No Harm

As Educators, Trainers and Strength Coaches we are here to provide for our students and clients and should put them in a position to be successful. Our programs and workouts should be to enhance performance, minimize the potential for injury and assist them in attaining their performance goals. At no time should we put them in Harms Way.

Part 1, of my "10 Workout Musts" as a Coach or Trainer, is Do No Harm.

Workouts should be:
-Designed for the Individual according to their needs and performance levels.
-Challenging, but Safe.
-Have the ability to progress and regress with exercise selection and intensity, when applicable.

As a student or client, you should feel as though you can ask questions regarding your program and make sure you communicate with your coach or trainer, so they know what you are feeling. Understanding the "How" and the "Why"(even though it might not seem important) will help you with the "Do".

Train Hard, Train Smart, Have Fun!


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  1. Great motivation Frank. I like the blog, it is easy to pass on to others in hopes that they will join us.