Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Workout Musts!

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm goning to be focusing on what I call my "10 Workout Musts". I'd like to share with you my perspective from both a client's and coach's view. At MVP Performance Training, in McMinnville, OR, it is my responsibility to bring the most current and up to date, research based information to each and every personal training and sport performance workout. I require it and my cleints and students require it, even if they don't tell me.

1. Do No Harm.
2. Proper Nutrition.
3. Warm Up.
4. Train Movements. Not Muscles.
5. Breathe.
6. The Core.
7. Pull It.
8. Accountability.
9. Recovery.
10. Have Fun (Work with a partner or in a Group).


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